EP 2012

by Sophie Crane

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Recorded at Earth Analog in Tolono, Il
Audio Engineering/Mixing by Kyle Prillaman


released January 1, 2012

Nelson Cowan - Drums/Vocals
Jake Roth - Guitar/Vocals
Sam Kim - Guitar
Roman Levitas - Guitar
Andy Manaster - Bass



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Sophie Crane Champaign, Illinois

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Track Name: Drunk People Having Serious Conversations
Implications of plotting have gone awry
So why should I even try?
The bones that kept your back straight are mine to take
you don't need them anyway

I saw you glancing sullenly against the soiled sheets
the room smelled like secrets and
a lashing from your silver tongue
poisoned my deceit
It's what pushed me over the edge

So I went down
to the basement and into the darkness
the last place that I had found solace
and plotted out your end

Now I will take you down
you'll be safe with me now
you'll be safe with me now
just when you're turning cold
And I can tell

Strip the meat from the bone
extract the right from the wrong
you can't say that you're honest now
but i'm moving with such purpose now

If only I could have found
a measure of resolve, measure of restraint anything
I'm bound
to be the one who ends her

All remaining all left in my control
It's the thoughts that haunt me
How does it feel to be cold and lonely
trying to breathe, but I can't believe this failed

and though I'm eating so much less my eyes are bulging out. My hearing it has sharpened and I hear you in this house. Your nagging voive endears and erodes my fragile mind. I'm thinking with fire I can leave it all behind.

We thrived on adulteration
Defiled at dawn and breeded infection
You left those seeds inside, that filth you implied
you're left a spineless eyesore

Burn it all to the ground
I'm already half done
I can not see a way out from this

If only I could have found
A measure of resolve measure of restraint
anything I'm bound to be the one who ends her

(No one knows you're gone
They won't come searching for your bones)
Track Name: Exhausted All I Pretend
Head on my chest.
I'm wide awake.

Articulate your words slurred and I can't be sure if the words are empty
You're head to toe at ease
I'm looking for the chance to leave
you told the truth?

We both walk out of this alone
Would have taken years, I found out on my own

all these words won't make you tremble

(as a fall back maybe I could take his place, would it hurt to ask? I await in desperation, waiting for your call cause we are clawing at the walls that kept us in each others arms. My hands are tied and I'm taking this way out of context. Losing the grip on the consequences)

Are you still awake?
Snuck in through the second floor, asleep against my headboard.
Oh, I must exist in denial.

The fear of change is all that's keeping it intact.

Never should have left. I could have seen her one last time. Now that moment will never be mine.

And this is me lashing out. I've only wasted time, instilled a bit more doubt.
What can I say to make amends?
I've exhausted all I can pretend.
Track Name: Foreign Words
Such sultry lines, taken aback
let it fester, let it infect her

loving nothing offered
foreign words so insecure
cut out portrait and lack of interest
tailored to fit the weakest

She'll stay here

So surprised to hear you speak your mind
how appalling the postulates you find
suffer days to decorate these walls
decompose to stolen pretense

such sultry lines, taken aback
what a hate fuck
say "you're all I know"

She'll stay here, she's nowhere to go
I'm all she fucking knows
Track Name: Lazy Enigma
You're far too kind, right? I'm wishing it away and the
conversation failed to captivate my interest in you.
Trying way too hard and nothing is paying off.